Strategic Goal 3 (SG3) — Target the preparation of future URG STEM faculty for effective teaching and mentoring, contributing to earlier success across the spectrum of their early-career responsibilities.

The SG3 Action Partnership draws from the institutions in the CIRTL Network. It comprises the current faculty and future faculty leaders of URG graduate-advancement communities and local CIRTL learning communities. It also includes a member of the research team. The SG3 Action Partnership is developing common agendas on enhancing support of URG future faculty in teaching and learning, and shared metrics of local success. It is also identifying common avenues for flows of information to URG future faculty in order to effectively provide information to URG future faculty about professional development opportunities.

SG3 Action Partnership: CIRTL Network (40 Institutions)

The SG3 National Coalition comprises organizations that promote the success of URG STEM graduate students. In joining the alliance, each expressed a need to provide their communities with improved preparation in teaching, mentoring and advising; they will be a primary channel to URG future faculty.

SG3 National Coalition: AAAS, APS (Bridge Program), ITM, the Math Alliance, SREB-AGEP Doctoral Scholars, WEPAN

The specific objectives of SG3 are to:

  1. Develop effective partnerships at CIRTL universities between URG graduate-advancement communities and local CIRTL learning communities, built upon collective impact and improvement cycles
  2. Through a needs assessment both at CIRTL universities and with the National Coalition, develop a mutually agreed upon framework for professional development in teaching, mentoring and advising designed for URG future faculty
  3. Define shared metrics and an evaluation plan to determine if such professional development yields learning and early-career practice among URG future faculty
  4. Building on the syntheses and products of SGT1, trial and revise professional development activities within the universities and throughout the National Coalition