A team of higher education researchers, whose research agendas address faculty preparation, faculty careers, organizational change, diversity work in higher education, and equity in STEM, are embedded in the design and ongoing work of CIRTL INCLUDES.

The function of the research team is two-fold. First, the research team provides ongoing advice to the various leadership teams as they go about shaping and implementing their work. Second, the research team is interested in investigating the following empirical questions:

How do organizations of very different origins, histories, and missions (e.g. 2-year colleges, 4-year universities, knowledge and advancement organizations, and professional associations) forge partnerships intended to address the preparation of future STEM faculty across all higher education?

How do these organizations share, translate and synthesize knowledge into a common agenda related to future STEM faculty preparation?

Tending to the above questions is an incredible opportunity to examine the formation of cross-sector partnerships focused on faculty preparation, equity, and diversity in STEM.