Johns Hopkins doesn’t have many organized URG graduate communities on campus, but we are reaching out to two groups we know of: The Black Graduate Student Association and GRACE (Graduate Association of Women in Computer Science & Electrical and Computer Engineering. GRACE is a locally organized group from Johns Hopkins.  We don’t believe a national organization exists. CIRTL leadership will work together with diversity leadership, so we can meet with each organization to share information about the Teaching Academy and explore how we can best support their members.

Future Work

This fall our Teaching Academy is hosting a Culturally Responsive Teaching workshop. The workshop is facilitated by two faculty from the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC). Johns Hopkins and CCBC are partnering through a Mellon Foundation grant to develop bridge programs between two-year and four-year colleges.  Most of the curriculum is in the humanities through which our graduate students will work with students at CCBC. The JHU graduate students are required to take the workshop, but the facilitators have allowed us to open it up to additional students through our Teaching Academy (~20 total).

Prepared by Darlene Saporu and Mike Reese, January 2018.